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At first ,we promise the good quality of our products.
Second, we want to build friendly and long term business relationship with each customers.
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Full threaded rods are common, readily available fasteners that are used in multiple construction applications. Rods are continuously threaded from one end to the other and are frequently referred to as fully threaded rods, redi rod, TFL rod (Thread Full Length), ATR (All thread rod) and a variety of other names and acronyms. Rods are typically stocked and sold in 3′, 6’, 10’ and 12’ lengths, or they can be chopped to a specific length. All thread rod that is cut to shorter lengths are often referred to as studs or fully threaded studs.fully threaded studs have no head, are threaded along their entire length, and have a higher tensile strength. These studs are usually fastened with two nuts and used with objects that must be assembled and dissembled quickly.Acting as a pin that is used to connect two materials Threaded rods are used to fasten wood or metal.Full threaded rods come in the anti-corrosion stainless steel, alloy steel and carbon steel materials which ensures that the structure doesn’t weaken because of rust. 


Full threaded rods are used in many different construction applications. The rods can be installed in existing concrete slabs and used as epoxy anchors. Short studs can be used coupled to another fastener to extend its length. All thread can also be used as fast alternatives to anchor rods, used for pipe flange connections, and used as double arming bolts in the pole line industry. There are many other construction applications not mentioned here in which all thread rod or fully threaded studs are used.
Black-oxide steel screws are mildly corrosion resistant in dry environments. Zinc-plated steel screws resist corrosion in wet environments. Black ultra-corrosion-resistant-coated steel screws resist chemicals and withstand 1,000 hours of salt spray.Coarse threads are the industry standard; choose these screws if you don’t know the threads per inch. Fine and extra-fine threads are closely spaced to prevent loosening from vibration; the finer the thread, the better the resistance.Grade 2 bolts tend to be used in construction for joining wood components. Grade 4.8 bolts are used in small engines. Grade 8.8 10.9 or 12.9 bolts provide high tensile strength. One advantage bolts fasteners have over welds or rivets is that they allow for easy disassembly for repairs and maintenance.

Drop in anchor

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Drop-In anchors are female concrete anchors designed for anchoring into concrete, these are often used for overhead applications because the anchor’s internal plug expands in four directions to hold the anchor firmly inside the hole before inserting a threaded rod or bolt. It consists of two parts: the expander plug and the anchor body. The expander plug and anchor body come preassembled and ready for installation.To install, place the anchor into the hole, insert the required setting tool expands the anchor within the hole in the concrete, and drive with a hammer until the thicker portion of the tool makes contact with the anchor. When installed, anchors sit flush with the surface.



Drop-in anchors are concrete fasteners designed for use in solid concrete only. Once the fastener is set, it becomes permanent.Simply drill the correct size hole, clean the hole, install the anchor, and use a setting tool to set the anchor.They can be used in applications that require a flush mounted anchor and when a bolt needs to be inserted and removed. a drop-in setting tool must be for proper installation.

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    At first ,we promise the good quality of our products.
    Second, we want to build friendly and long term business relationship with each customers.
    At last, we hope to be your partner ,not just customer.
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