Washers Flat/Spring Washers

Washers Flat/Spring Washers

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DIN125 Flat Washer

Flat washers are used to increase the bearing surface of a nut or fastener’s head thus spreading the clamping force over a larger area. They can be useful when working with soft materials and oversized or irregular shaped holes.
Washer size refers to its nominal hole size and is based on screw size. Its outside diameter (OD) is always larger. Size and OD are usually specified in fractional inches, although decimal inches may be used instead. Thickness is typically listed in decimal inches although we often convert it to fractional inches for convenience.
Grade 2 flat washers should only be used with Grade 2 hex cap screws (hex bolts)—use hardened flat washers with Grade 5 and 8 cap screws. Because Grade 2 flat washers are made of soft, low carbon steel, they will “yield” (compress, cup, bend, etc.) under the higher torque values normally associated with Grade 5 and 8 cap screws. As a result, there will be a reduction in clamping force as the washer yields.
Flat washers are commonly available in a variety of materials including aluminum, brass, nylon, silicon bronze, stainless steel and steel. Unplated or uncoated steel, referred to as “plain finish,” has not been surface treated to prevent rust other than a light coating of oil for temporary protection. Consequently, common finishes for steel are zinc plating and hot dip galvanizing.


Through their design, the distribution property of plain washers can prevent any sort of damage to the assembled surfaces. Flat washer has a thin and flat surface with a hole in the centre. This type of washer provides support to a smaller head screw.
Black-oxide steel washers are mildly corrosion resistant in dry environments. Zinc-plated steel washers resist corrosion in wet environments. Black ultra-corrosion-resistant-coated steel washers resist chemicals and withstand 1,000 hours of salt spray.


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A ring split at one point and bent into a helical shape. This causes the washer to exert a spring force between the fastener’s head and the substrate, which maintains the washer hard against the substrate and the bolt thread hard against the nut or substrate thread, creating more friction and resistance to rotation. Applicable standards are ASME B18.21.1, DIN 127 B, and United States Military Standard NASM 35338 (formerly MS 35338 and AN-935).
Spring washers are a left hand helix and allow the thread to be tightened in a right hand direction only, i.e. a clockwise direction. When a left hand turning motion is applied, the raised edge bites into the underside of the bolt or nut and the part that it is bolted to, thus resisting turning. Therefore, spring washers are ineffective on left hand threads and hardened surfaces. Also, they are not to be used in conjunction with a flat washer under the spring washer, as this isolates the spring washer from biting into the component that will resist turning.
The benefit of spring lock washers lies in the trapezoidal shape of the washer. When compressed to loads near the proof strength of the bolt, it will twist and flatten. This reduces the spring rate of the bolted joint which allows it to maintain more force under the same vibration levels. This prevents loosening.


The spring washer prevents nuts and bolts from turning, slipping and coming loose because of vibration and torque. Different spring washers perform this function in slightly different ways, but the basic concept is to hold the nut and bolt in place. Some spring washers achieve this function by biting into the base material (bolt) and the nut with their ends.
Spring washers are commonly used in applications involving vibration and possible slippage of fasteners. Industries that commonly use spring washers are transportation related (automotive, aircraft, marine). Spring washers may also be used in household appliances such as air handlers and clothes washers (washing machines).


Product Detail Hot Sale DIN 127 Spring Washer
Manufacturer Xingye Fasteners Standard DIN
Appearance Bright,Neat,Shiny Quality Control Qualificaiton of 98%
Specification M2.5-M64 Grade carbon 4,8,10 Grade
Pallet Size Standard Heat Treatment Tempering,Hardening,Stress Relieving,etc.
Carton Size 25cmx25cmx13cm Packing Regular and Strong Packing
Lead Time 15 Working Days Warranty 100%
Available Finish Blue white zinc,Black zinc,Yellow zinc,Bright zinc,Black oxide,Dacromet,Nickel Plated,chrome plated ,etc.
Applicable Scope Transportation Facilities,Electro-mechanical Equipment,Building,Automotive Industry,Machine,etc.



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